USPS Daters

NO other Daters are made to withstand the constant use found in USPS facitlities.

BOTH the Xstamper® and COSCO Expert ALL Steel Daters MEET or BEAT all performance tests.

The COSCO 2660 and R2045 6 Daters are MEDIUM DUTY Daters for up to 50 Cancellations per day.

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SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
COSCO 3660 Expert ALL Steel Dater110$ 60.50 $ 48.40
COSCO 2660 Heavy Duty110$ 60.55 $ 48.44
COSCO R2045 6 Professional Round110$ 57.10 $ 45.68
Xstamper® N86PK110$ 68.75 $ 55.00
Xstamper® N79P Side Dater110$ 71.95 $ 57.56
C85P110$ 64.95 $ 51.96
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